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Homemade Remedies


Hello Everybody, my name is Sheila and I have worked in Social Services for over 30 years. I have dear friends and family who are Veterans that I am called to help as well. One of the positions I held in Social Services was to manage a staff of 165 people with a budget of $33 million. As a leader I had to come up with creative, effective solutions to help my staff cope with the emotional trauma that is dealt with on a daily basis in these fields. I called upon my relationship with my heritage as a Mohawk woman of the Bear Clan. The teachings of my Ancestors of using the wonderful, medicinal plants found in this sacred world of the woods, seemed to keep crossing into my world. My husband got very sick and I needed to go to the Indigenous Leaders I belong to who know about the healing properties of these plants. I have decided with my heart and the love that I have for all of you to share these products with you. To help you and perhaps touch your lives. I share my culture with you to help you so that you possibly heal in a healthy way.  Additionally I am an Usui Reiki Master and utilize Reiki in my Essential Oil Blends and Salves that I create.

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